Modern Times Guide to Live Enlightened
Awaken the Divine Within, Reclaim Your Self-Power and Become Your Own Guru

Unless you are a yogi living in the Himalayas and can afford to spend 10-40 years meditating in a cave and doing yoga with the goal to become enlightened then you require to have an entirely different approach. There are a myriad of ways to reach the state of enlightenment and if you are reading this. then chances are you either have a family, you have bills to pay, you have errands to do, you have a job or are getting a degree (maybe both) and you have hobbies. How can you get enlightened in the midst of these modern times? We can agree that spending years meditating in seclusion is not an option and is not the only option to become enlightened.

The reality is that there are tools and resources galore that will expedite your process of embodying the state of enlightenment, self-mastery and self-actualization you long for. Rest assured that it is possible to live life in a state of equanimity, peace, joy and fulfillment in the midst of what appears to be a chaotic and fast paced world.

How do you become enlightened?

In the past people would mostly rely on a guru to receive clear guidance on how to become enlightened. Today through technology we are blessed to have access to an abundance of teachers, coaches, mentors, programs and books that offer ultra-detailed information on how to master a wide range of topics and areas of life.

That is why Enlightened Without Guru was founded, to provide YOU the modern person (mom, dad, business professional, college student) with the best and most up to date tools and resources for enlightenment that target not only the spiritual aspects of yourself but also provide in depth information on emotional and mental mastery, health and nutrition, functional and harmonious relationships, brain optimization, advanced manifestation, lucid dreaming and astral travel, peak performance and time management. This holistic approach provides you with the most successful results, because let’s be honest, what good could it be to experience a state of enlightenment if you are physically ill, your relationships are a mess, you don’t have time to spend with your family and you are worrying about financial debt?

What is Enlightenment?

I think Christian Pankhurst made an exquisite and accurate explanation of the reality of enlightenment:

“Enlightenment is a moment by moment choice available to everyone at any time. For example, a two hour movie is made of 180,000 still images that are passed before our eyes at such a speed that we don't notice the static nature of the pictures. Instead we witness a smooth and flowing movement of action.

Similarly, the mind finds it difficult to see the moment by moment nature of our reality. It's a seductive illusion to think that life passes by like a movie, but in fact if you were to slow your life down, you'll see that it's just series of now moments strung together. There is no past, and there is no future, just new moments where we get to choose who we are and who we are not.

Will we wake up and exercise or not? Will we be tender and sweet to our partner or not? Enlightenment is therefore a practice, and the practice is to see that each moment is a choice to come from an awakened place. When we forget that we have the power to awaken, we will operate from the illusion that time is going by and is happening to us not through us.” -Christian Pankhurst

Are You Enlightened?

As you know the state of enlightenment is not something you can “hold” 24/7. The truth is that there is part of you that has always been enlightened and enlightenment is the process of becoming aware of that which you already are: a divine being with unlimited potential. Becoming enlightened is much more than being blissed out and meditating all the time, being enlightened includes integrating and embracing your shadow self, being mindful, connecting to and embodying your Higher Self, having a healthy body and brain, mastering time and setting goals while living in a state wonderment, happiness and immense gratitude.

Enlightenment literally means being able to accrete more light into your field of awareness. This is a constant and evolving process and when you are full of light that is when you can experience a moment of enlightenment and can have what psychologist call peak experiences. There are certain things you can do to trigger these peak experiences on a more frequent basis and this is what I call living an enlightened lifestyle.

Being enlightened without a guru means that you become your own guru and explore the inner depths of your multidimensional consciousness with proven tools and resources that will draw more light into your life, your body, mind and consciousness. The goal is to serve life and fill your day with peak experiences or enlightened moments that will propel you to take inspired action, continue to grow and contribute in higher ways for the benefit of yourself and the human family.

Follow your intuition, start wherever you are and enjoy the journey!~


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