Astral Projection  Essentials
and Benefits

Have you ever experienced a spontaneous or induced astral projection or out of body experience?

Watch this 15 minute video to learn the essentials and benefits of astral travel. The reality is that EVERYONE experiences astral projections and out of body experiences but most people do so unconsciously.

The good news is that you can train yourself to induce a conscious astral projection or out of body experience. This is an innate skill that everyone has but that most have forgotten, you only have to re-member how to consciously have this experience and then the possibilities are endless.

You can visit higher dimensions, recall past lives, discover your soul's purpose, meet your Higher Self and spiritual guides. Astral projection is one of the fastest ways to increase your psychic abilities and heal deep unresolved emotional, mental and spiritual challenges.

Yet one of the most important benefits of astral projection is the first hand experience of the eternal nature of your spirit which ultimately results in the complete annihilation of the fear of death and the unknown.

The tibetan yogis have practiced astral projection and lucid dreaming to prepare for the actual moment of physical death. When you learn to astral project not only will you have one of the most exciting experiences in your life but you will be making great spiritual progress.

What is your favorite benefit of astral projection? If you could master the skill of astral projection, what would you do?

Please share your stories, challenges and wisdom or advice below.


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