Astral Projections &
Out of Body Experiences

Life has never been quite the same since the day I saw myself sleeping on the couch. There it was, my sleeping body, breathing on its own and there I was looking in pure awe from my astral body. I had read about the ultimate and eternal reality of the spirit but nothing could have prepared me for the firsthand experience of being completely conscious and aware of reality without my physical body.

My first out of body experience (OBE) or astral projection occurred spontaneously while I was attempting to achieve a Wake Induced Lucid Dream. As I made the conscious transition from being awake to falling asleep, I began to experience acute tingling vibrations throughout my head accompanied by a high pitch transcendental sound. Shortly after and at a very slow pace my astral body began to float upwards and the next thing I know I am watching my sleeping body. The experience startled me and like a flash of light I was back in my body with my eyes open.

Despite being such a short “lived” experience, it had a profound effect on my consciousness…I no longer feared death. The excitement I felt was indescribable, I had discovered an unexampled state of being filled with endless possibilities. During my next astral projections however I found myself floating, “falling down" and bouncing around my room unable to fully control and direct my astral body. Unlike lucid dreams where I could easily control my body and fly at will or teleport, an out of body experience is on a league of its own. It became evidently clear that I had to study and master the art of astral projection and out of body experiences so I could take advantage of the benefits this transcendental state of awareness had to offer.

During my research I found out that OBEs are quite common, in fact 1 in 10 people have experienced an OBE at some time in their lives, while others report having them frequently. OBEs are most likely to occur spontaneously during sleep (attempting to lucid dream) and sometimes while meditating. OBEs are also likely to be instigated by physical trauma, illness, Near Death Experiences or medications. Yet there are people who report experiencing OBEs often at will by learning specific ways to induce and enjoy an astral projection.

Although OBEs or astral projections do have some similarities with lucid dreaming, Robert Monroe mentions that the most common difference between a lucid dream and a OBE involved the lucid dreamer’s ability to change the internally generated environment that they experience; by contrast, those having an OBE do not report consciously changing their environment. Other marked differences between OBEs and lucid dreaming are:

OBErs report “returning” to their body, sometimes with a strong sensation of reconnection. Lucid dreamers on the other hand simply wake up, have a false awakening or the dream imagery begins to vanish.

There are many reports of OBErs being able to witness with great detail real life events as they occur in the 3D while they are “sleeping” or under anesthesia and then have those same events confirmed by people who actually experienced the event while being awake.

OBErs often report better and longer memory recall of their experience than lucid dreamers.

However that being said I have had the experience of beginning with an Out of Body Experience and then spontaneously or at will I would enter the dream world, with an abrupt scenery change.

How To Have an Out of Body Experience

The best time to experience an OBE is after you have slept 4-5 hours and are about to enter the longer REM cycles. Wake up naturally or with an alarm (not too loud) and make sure the room is quite and there are no distractions. Take a couple of deep breaths and state a clear intent that you desire to induce an OBE.

In order to clear and calm the mind you will begin to practice an active meditation where you will visualize both your ethereal or imaginary legs and arms rise 45 degrees with each inhale and then slowly descend another 45 degrees beyond your physical legs and arms which will be stationary. Continue to move your astral body in this manner for about 20 minutes. The key is your intent and using your imagination, at this point you are not required to sense your astral body, this will occur later on.

After 20 minutes you will begin to progressively lose awareness of your physical body and begin to experience hypnagogic images (swirling lights, geometric patterns or random images that hypnotize you to sleep). Naturally follow the hypnagogic images without forcing them. It’s OK if the images are blurry and vanish quickly, you can practice what is known as seeded visualization where you imagine an object, person, pattern or scene in your minds eye and then let it take a "life of its own". Eventually you might begin to experience sleep paralysis as you are tricking your body into thinking you have gone to sleep. Sleep paralysis is a normal phenomenon that you experience every night to prevent you from acting out your dreams, this time however you will be fully conscious when your body goes to sleep.

Remain completely relaxed without moving a muscle. If your awareness is beyond your physical body you may very well not feel any sleep paralysis. Be aware of any tingling sensations, strong vibrations, humming noise inside your head or a feeling of floating. A word of caution, the humming or high pitch sound, even the vibrations can be quite intense and can startle you, just notice them with curiosity. You are now getting closer to experiencing a full OBE. When the vibrations have passed you are ready to transition into an astral projection.

You may find yourself already floating above your physical body, maybe you can feel one arm or a leg that is “outside” your body. You might even find yourself on the floor, close to the ceiling or somewhere in the room. However, sometimes you must give your astral body a little push to make the full transition and avoid feeling “stuck” in your body. You can use one of the following methods to complete the transition and leave your paralyzed physical body:

Float out – visualize your viewpoint has risen a few feet into the air

Swing out – visualize a swing, forming longer arcs as you gain momentum

Sink out – imagine your dream body slowly dropping through the bed

Roll out (my favorite choice) – visualize yourself turning on your side and rolling over

Be aware that at the beginning your vision can be quite blurry, don’t worry it will become clear. Focus on something or simply ask for clarity, you can do this “out loud” or simply intend this. Another good strategy is to stump your feet or jump up and down, somehow this stabilizes and makes the senses more acute.

You Are Out of the Body,
Now What?

Congratulations you have taken a monumental step and now the journey begins. Astral projections is not something you can master by reading a book or website. The best way to make rapid progress and master the art of astral projection is to study from someone who has already mastered and know how to teach this methodology to others.

Steve G. Jones created a FREE 6-part Astral Projection Course that has been downloaded by over 78,000 people worldwide. You require professionally constructed exercises and tools that will condition not only your conscious and subconscious mind but your spirit.


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