Best Blenders Reviews
Blending Superfoods into
Delicious Smoothies

Let’s be honest, some of these superfoods taste awful by themselves and many do not come in tablet form. You know how beneficial they are for your health but that taste of bee pollen, spirulina or maca on its own can be a little bit too much for your taste buds. That is why having a powerful blender can not only save your day but make your day. By just mixing your favorite superfoods with a delicious nut milk, a banana, a bit of coconut oil, a dash of cinnamon, vanilla powder…and boom! You now have a superb tasting treat that will make your taste buds, cells and immune system happy.

Blending is more advance than juicing because blending takes everything: the pulp, fiber and nutrients. This way you are eating the food as a whole and you get the benefits of the fiber. If you are already doing smoothies with things like whey protein you can upgrade your operating system by switching to bio-available plant protein. Blending allows us to synergistically combine a wide range of superfoods making them even more powerful that if consumed individually, plus we get the “intelligence” of each superfood.

Most of us have seen many types of blenders, yet there are blenders and then there are BLENDERS. Once you try a Vitamix or a Blendtec you will never go back to the blender your mom used to have. For once these blenders literally liquefy all your fruits, greens and superfoods, turning them into a smooth and silky shake that is extremely bioavailable and pre-digested. One of the biggest problems in our society is that we don’t chew enough and we leave big chunks of food that our digestive system can’t break down. This often leads to digestive problems and wasting food and money.

Investing in a quality blender is one of the most phenomenal things you can do for your health. Plus you can make so much more than smoothies with them: soups, ice creams and nut butters just to name a few. These high tech blenders serve as multifunction kitchen appliances that will take your culinary explorations to a whole new level.

Blender Reviews:

Vitamix CIA Professional Series

God bless the day I bought my Vitamix, now I don’t know if I could live without it, well I definetly could but life simply would not be the same. I make my morning and workout smoothies with the Vitamix using my repertoire of superfoods. The Vitamix comes with a instructional DVD and manual plus a full recipe book with over 160 recipes you could make in this state of the art machine. It has laser cut stainless-steel blades that go at the speeds of 240 MPH! Variable speed control and a 7 year warranty.

Although the Vitamix 1782 Turbo Blend is a bit cheaper, the fact that it doesn’t have variable speed control is a big one for me, yet it is still a great buy.

Blendtec Home The Professional Choice Total Blender

The Blendtec Home is simply stunning and a higher performance blender. If I had seen this model prior to buying my Vitamix I would have seriously considered this option. This is commercial quality blender yet its smaller size makes it a great feature over the Vitamix. It is a 1,560-watt countertop blender with 3 HP direct-drive motor. It has pre-programmed blending cycles, digital touchpad controls and auto shutoff. This machine will crush ice in just a few seconds with its 2-prong stainless-steel blade that spin at up to 29,000 RPM. It has a 1 year jar warranty and lifetime coupling and blade warranty.

A high-tech blender is a must for any serious health oriented person and whether you go with the Vitamix or the Blendtec you will be happy with your investment. Another great option, although not on the same league as the Vitamix or Blentec, is the Ninja Pro Blender. I used to own a Ninja a couple of years ago and the main difference is that the Ninja will often leave big chunks of fruit, produce or nuts when blending. While the Vitamix and the Blentec will liquefy EVERYTHING, creating creamy and well blended smoothies.