The Best Bio-available Protein Powders

Protein is not only useful for building muscle and strength; it is also useful for endurance, balanced blood sugar, balanced brain chemistry, neurological health, rapid healing, building strong bones and nearly every other aspect of healthy living. The absence of certain protein building blocks known as amino acids may create a plethora of problems. David Wolfe says that the number one symptom of protein deficiency is that the brain is not working properly. For example, the absence of the amino acid tryptophan in the diet will lead to a deficiency in serotonin. Serotonin is essential for generating feelings of well-being and for building our Stress Defense Shield to cope with life’s challenges and hardships. So if you are deficient in bioavailable protein then you could be more susceptible to feelings of stress and sadness.

We need complete and highly bioavailable protein sources to run the brain’s neurotransmitter system: dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline and noradrenaline.

Rich sources of protein that are derived from whole living raw foods and superfoods surpass proteins that have been cooked. The Max Planck Institute has done some research on protein and found that 50% of the protein present in food is lost when our food is cooked, so when you cooked a piece of meat you can subtract half of the stated protein value. Furthermore now your body has to liquefy that protein to get it all the way down to the cellular level, and in this process more protein is lost. Not to mention that your kidneys are very intolerant to heavy amounts of cooked protein, which can have a massive effect of clogging up the filters in your kidneys. By adding plant based sources of protein we can cut back on cooked proteins and deliver high amounts of tryptophan to our brain.

Pure and raw sources of protein like bee pollen, spirulina, maca, chlorella, chia and hemp seeds are easily assimilated by your body without having to be cooked and do not have a negative effect on the liver. These sources of raw protein blend effortlessly with water and are extremely bioavailable, making them more accessible to your cells and providing higher percentage of protein intake and use. Take raw rice protein for example, superb protein for children, elderly and people who have autoimmune conditions, allergies and/or asthma conditions. This hypo allergenic protein is excellent to avoid malnutrition for children who seem to be allergic to everything and provides 80-90% absorption.

Most people are familiar with whey protein but are not aware that whey is really a byproduct of the dairy industry, it’s a waste product. Someone came up with the idea to sell it and make money out of it because it is very cheap. Although there are good quality kinds of whey protein, this is not the case for most which are filled with artificial ingredients and flavors. The problem with dairy products is that they can cause a lot of allergies, often cause gas and are not as bioavailable as plant based proteins.

Then there is soy protein which in reality is toxic for you. Eating raw soybean can actually kill you and that is why the Japanese cook soybeans in order to detoxify them and making them an edible product. Soy has been massively produced and now much of it is genetically modified (GMO). There are heavy financial interest behind soy and that is why you constantly see propaganda to promote it. Soy is known to raise our estrogen levels and this can be troublesome because we produce our own estrogen, when we have too much estrogen it can interfere with our testosterone and progesterone sites and increase our body fat. There is research that has associated cancer with excess estrogen levels.

When you incorporate raw plant based proteins you will notice a tangible difference in your overall health and vitality. After years of looking for the best protein sources below is a list of my favorites.

Below is a list of the BEST raw plant based proteins for health and optimal physical performance:

Sunwarrior Protein Blend Vanilla

Sunwarrior Protein Blend Chocolate

Warrior Food Extreme Vanilla from HealthForce

Warrior Food Extreme Chocolate Plus

HealthForce Spirulina Manna

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