Byron Katie on Money

We can often believe that money is the source of problems, but is it?

Watch this 6 minute video where Byron Katie performs mental surgery through the art of inquiry to assist a man let go of the story that his parents were struggling with money and how he did not feel safe.

As children we don't have the capacity to question our parents stories and what they choose to believe. Often this will result in children feeling unsafe, adopting the belief or struggle themselves and sometimes even try to rescue their parents and take on their responsibilities.

Yet like Byron Katie says, when we are able to go back and question our stories we can see what happened from an entirely different and more peaceful perspective. It is only the stories and beliefs we identify with that can cause pain and suffering.

How amazing to think that money is innocent and see it for what it is: a piece of paper we give value and project our beliefs onto.

Who would you be without the thought that you need more money, that you don't have enough money or that money is the cause of your problems?

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