Meditation Benefits
and Positive Effects

Watch this 8 minute video with New York Times best selling author and spiritual healer expert Caroline Myss on the connection between the chakras and our health.

Caroline shares that our chakras contain very specific type of information regarding to areas of our spiritual maturation and stages of power. The science of chakras and our energetic multidimensional anatomy is as specific as our physical anatomy and has been extensively studied by eastern cultures for thousands of years. Although some people believe that this is "alternative medicine" it would be more accurate to say that what we normally call "traditional medicine" is actually a branch of medicine that has been around for only less than energy healing medicine.

Furthermore the vast majority of physical dis-eases are often an indication that a chakra is out of balance. In reality we are energetic beings at the core level and what manifests at our physical level will have its roots on our ethereal body. Therefor if we heal, clear or transmute an energetic blockages on our chakras that corresponds to the physical illness, this dis-ease will no longer have something to manifest from and will eventually disappear.

Our relationships, our finances and even our ability to focus, concentrate, create and manifest are all affected by our chakras. Balancing and healing your chakras can have a profound effect on your life experience.

There are ways to naturally and effectively balance your chakras. You can even take a chakra test to see which chakras are out of balance and then know exactly which chakras you need to focus on to heal the most.

What thoughts, beliefs or experiences are you choosing to invest your energy on? Are you getting a return on your investment?


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