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Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

Did you know that the average person spends 25 years sleeping?!

Watch this 8 minute video where Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche explains how we have a choice to spend our sleeping time either on a state of ignorance or we can use our sleep to grow and evolve.

I love how he explains in very simple words the following truth:

The state of mind that you are in and the thoughts you focus upon prior to sleep will determine the quality of your sleep and greatly influence your next day.

You don't even have to master lucid dreaming to use your sleep time to your advantage. It is simply a matter of consciously choosing what mental and emotional states you will energize prior to sleep. Remember that your intent is vested with great power and whatever you focus upon you will attract and ultimately manifest

Are you going to sleep thinking about all the things you have to do tomorrow? Are you choosing to energize thoughts of worry, fear, despair or sadness as you enter your dream time?

Try the following experiment: for the next 21 days consciously choose to focus upon feelings of love, joy, gratitude or abundance when you retire to bed. For example you can write down 12 things that you are grateful for and read them prior to sleep. Record in your dream journal how you feel when you wake up and how did your day transpired.

You will notice that with consistent practice you will begin to wake up feeling lighter, refreshed and ready to wake up. Meditating prior to going to sleep or doing visualizations are also phenomenal ways to program your subconscious and dreaming mind. I have noticed a very marked difference in my lucid dreaming success rate between days in which I go to sleep feeling very confident and peaceful and other days where I felt uneasy because of an unresolved argument.

Have you noticed a correlation between your mental and emotional state prior to sleeping and how you feel the next day?

Please share your stories, challenges and wisdom or advice below.


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