How To Use A Dry Skin Brush

Use a natural bristle brush. Start brushing your collar bones in a circular motion then raise your arms above your head and brush down towards the shoulders. Don't forget to include your hands.

Then move on to your neck (brushing down) and your upper back. Next do your sides, in long sweeping strokes from your under your arms and down your sides to get effective lymph drainage.

Move to your lower body, starting with your feet and brushing up in long strokes from the tops of the feet to the thighs.

Move to your stomach area, brush in a clockwise motion going down your left abdomen, across the bottom, up on the right side of your abdomen, and down again on the left. Finally your lower and mid back, brushing down towards the liver.

Pressure overall should be light, do not press hard. If it hurts then you are not doing it right.