Advanced Meditation
The Science of Brainwave Technology

Like the majority of people, my introduction to spirituality began with meditation. I came across the book Be Here Now by Ram Dass when I was just seventeen years old and later on the Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda. I was blown away by the altered states of awareness described in those books, states that could be achieved through the art and science of meditation.

Despite my initial enthusiasm and inspired action to meditate for at least twenty minutes every day, I found myself struggling with my incessant mind chatter and being unable to focus on my breath or a mantra. Instead of becoming a moment where I could relax, meditation became a frustration and was causing me stress because I just could not concentrate and often got distracted by my thoughts or the discomfort I felt from trying to sit in a lotus position. Needless to say that the deepest levels of mind I achieved through meditation in my early days occured when I fell asleep.

It was no surprise that I began to avoid meditating every day and eventually stopped meditating, I had developed a negative neuro association to meditation. Yet the more books I read, the more seminars and trainings on spirituality I attended, the more evident it became that meditation was a fundamental step towards developing my higher senses and self-healing powers, embodying my Higher Self, balancing my brain and achieving mental, emotional and spiritual mastery.

When science began to take a look at meditation it came upon a great discovery, the key to ripping the plethora of benefits that result from deep meditation spawn from changing your brainwaves from Beta to deeper levels of Alpha and Theta. Yet with traditional meditation it can take someone years of daily practice to access and maintain an Alpha brainwave let alone a Theta brainwave and achieve deep states of awareness. But with the advancements in technology such as binaural beats anyone can dive into the Alpha and Theta brainwaves only in a matter of minutes.

After trying different meditation programs over the years my favorite has become Omharmonics because it combines binaural beats, heart beat synchronization and ambient sounds. This unique combination makes the meditation experience extremely rich to the senses and eliminates both my internal and external resistances, allowing me to get into a deep state of mediation extremely fast. I use Omharmonics before attempting a Wake Induced Lucid Dream and to relax and get centered after a hectic day.

When I desire to experience a more active and engaging type of meditation I use the Sylva Method to stimulate my creative mind in order to solve problems, rewire any discordant belief, eliminate a habit that is not for my highest good or experience enhanced visualizations to manifest what I desire.

What Exactly is Brain Synchronization?

Brain synchronization simply means using your whole brain, engaging both left and right hemispheres in the process of thinking and other states of awareness. Most of humanity predominantly uses one side of the brain, only few people, often regarded as geniuses can tap into what scientist call whole-brain thinking. Omharmonics allows you to easily achieve brain synchronization by slowing down your brain waves from Beta to Alpha to Theta each time you listen to the program.

As you progressively listen to Omharmonics you will create new neural net connections in your brain that allow you to access untapped parts of your brain and experience a state of expanded awareness and perspective. This is what many people called being “in the zone”, where you operate from a higher level where you become less conscious and more intuitive, everything flows and you are in a state of at-one-ment with the task at hand. Brain synchronization allows you to be more effective and increases you level of insight, creativity, resourcefulness, performance, problem solving ability, learning ability, memory and focus.

What are Brain Wave Patterns?

Basically there are four main brain wave patterns. When you are awake your brain waves are oscillating between 14-30 Hz and this is known a beta state. Beta brain waves are associated with concentration, arousal, alertness and cognition. When beta brain waves get too high you can experience states of anxiety, feelings of overwhelm and unease.

The next brain wave is known as alpha (8-13.9 Hz) which is known to be associated with states of relaxation, enhanced learning, greater focus and increased serotonin production. We often experience alpha brainwaves when we are deeply involved in a book, watching a move or when we just woke up or are about to fall asleep.

Then we have the theta brain wave (4-7.9 Hz) which is associated with increase creativity, increased learning, trance, deep meditation, hypnagogic imagery, dreaming and altered states of consciousness where potential shifts in behavior occur.

Finally we have delta (.1-3.9 Hz) which is associated with deep sleep without dreaming, deep trance, loss of body awareness and the release of the human growth hormone.


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