Eckhart Tolle on Enlightenment

Have you been trying to get enlightened? What does it mean to be enlightened and when can this happen?

In this 8 minute video Eckhart Tolle talks about the concept of enlightenment or the Ego-less state.

I absolutely resonate with Eckhart Tolle when he mentions that enlightenment can only happen in the present moment and not in the future. As long as we are looking to "get enlightened" this will only remain a mental and abstract concept that cannot be attained.

The reason I believe it cannot be attained is because when you realize and embody the state of enlightenment it will not nearly resemble that mental concept that your Ego created, it will be something that perhaps cannot be explained nor expressed.

The Catch 22 is that you cannot make enlightenment a goal that is to be attained in a non existent future. However you can focus on enlightenment in the now, an ever present goal so that every action or non-action you "take" in the present moment is infused with the intent of becoming that which you already are: an enlightened being.

What do you think, can enlightenment be a goal? Do you believe that there is a part of you that is already enlightened?

Please share your stories, challenges and wisdom or advice below.


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