Get Into The Vortex
Abraham Hicks

Everything in the universe is preceded by vibrational energy. If there is something you desire you simply have to tune in to the vortex where that frequency is.

Watch this 11 minute video where Abraham Hicks explains how you can get into the vortex by using your breath and focus.

The key is to align your-Self to the vibrational frequency of the vortex. As Abraham explains you will inevitably become present and the negative thoughts, worries or pain that ruminate  in the back of your mind will be transmuted.

I love how Abraham Hicks adds some humor when she imitates someone reading affirmations out of the Vortex, this time someone worrying about money and in a state of lack.

Have you ever done affirmations or a manifestation with the effort and awareness of what you don't want?

Please share your stories, challenges and experiences with the Vortex below.