Enlightened Higher Sensory Perception
& Advanced Manifestation

The totality of who you are and what you are capable of doing cannot be perceived or experienced through your ordinary senses. Your intuition tells you that you are much more than your physical body and that within you lay dormant higher senses that once awakened can open up a new universe of information. This higher sensory perception can be used to your advantage in a myriad of ways:

Discover who you really are

Discover your soul’s purpose

Manifest inner and outer abundance

Experience enhanced concentration, focus and accelerated learning abilities

Know the results a specific decision will have in the future

Sensing health issues and preventing or correcting them

Recognize and listen to your inner guidance

Imagine what would you do if you could learn the ability to perceive, through a projection of heightened consciousness, both animate and inanimate objects, people, and events that are distant in time and/or space? All of this and much more is possible with remote viewing.

What Is Remote Viewing?

Remote viewing is a trained ability to access detailed information from a target such as a location or subject that is inaccessible to normal senses due to distance, time or shielding. The remove viewer therefore uses something other than their 5 senses or what many call extra sensory perception to access this information. The fact that remote viewing is a trained ability means that anyone can learn this skill with the proper teachings and practice.

Probably at least once in your life you read a book or heard a story of an individual who could see human auras, communicate telepathically, see the past or future, communicate with other highly evolved beings or access information from the Universal Mind or Akashic records. When you became aware of this, did the thought “Wow if only I could do that as well.” cross your mind. Unlike what most people believe, higher sensory perception like remote viewing or clairvoyance is not a gift reserved only for a few. We are all born with the capability and equipment to use these higher senses, some of us simply require to re-member how to use these higher senses and practice this innate skill.

In a society were higher sensory perception is not encouraged nor taught but often ridiculed we have shut down our higher sensory perception in order to be “normal” and belong to the masses. Fortunately all of this can be quickly changed, it only requires that you focus upon it and learn the proper protocols to go beyond your physical sensory perception and into the hyper sensory acuity to access what is known as the Universal Mind.

Learn Remote Viewing

When I stumbled upon The Complete Remote Viewing System and Remote Influencing System from Gerald O’Donnell, one of the top leading authorities in remove viewing, I knew this was the best remote viewing training out there and the only one teaching remote influencing. The results I got from both of these programs have been remarkable and life changing. Here just a few of the benefits and experiences I have had thanks to these phenomenal programs:

Higher sense development

Improved distant healing abilities

Communication with more advanced and evolved beings

Manifesting my soulmate

Greater intuition and inner guidance

Out of body experiences

Attracting a higher frequency grid of people, places, times, things and events.

While remote viewing has to do more with using your higher sense to perceive information that is not available through the ordinary senses, remote influencing is the ability to enter deep states of mind while remaining conscious, mainly in the Delta brainwave frequency, and using the power of your intent, visualization and emotions to collapse into manifestation what was only a probable future. Due to the holographic nature of this multidimensional universe that we live in, everything is made up of standing scalar waves that are flashing on and off from Source trillions of time per second.

Have you ever heard the saying “The moon only exist because at least one person in the world is looking at it or thinking about it”? In reality the physical world does not exist “out there”, not at least as we think. There are no colors, textures, or sounds in the external manifestation of this 3 dimensional reality. Instead colors, sounds and textures are just electrical circuits in our brain. Our brain acts like a filter, for if we would experience the infinite energetic influx that we are immersed in, it would be quite overwhelming. Instead our brain filters reality and creates a picture of what is “out there” in our mind. So when  you come home and see your furniture, this is simply because you intend to see it there.

Quantum physicists have found that electrons can manifest either as waves or particles depending on the intent and expectation of the observer. If the scientists or observes that are measuring electrons expect them to be particles, then they will behave as particles but if the observers expect the electron to behave like waves then this is what they will measure. It is their intent and observation that is collapsing the scalar waves that make up the electrons as particles.This is the true nature of our holographic universe explained by the Michael Talbot

What does this has to do with manifestation and remote influencing? The fact that your intent and expectations can influence the universe means that you are constantly co-creating reality, consciously or unconsciously, the latter being the most prevalent. Take for example the manifestations of fears. Have you ever experienced a strong fear only to see that fear becomes a reality a couple of days after? This happens because when we feel fear we are energizing a probable future with the frequency of fear, which is an extremely strong yet low frequency emotion. Our brain can’t distinguish what we imagine or visualize from what reality is, our brain and nervous system react the same way whether what is happening is real or whether we are just imagining it.

With remote influencing you can take advantage of the holographic nature of reality and by entering deep states of minds and using advanced manifestation protocols you can multiply the power of your intent to collapse the scalar waves of the reality you desire to manifest. The universe, your brain and nervous system instantly respond to the energy you are emanating and make the corresponding alignments and arrangements so that reality matches the frequency of your intent.

Unlike affirmations or the usual manifestation techniques that most of us have come to learn, remote influencing occurs in deep Delta, where we have access to the Universal Mind of Creation and thoughts can be projected from the highest levels of your Higher Self. This means that you are manifesting from your Higher Self, not your Ego. When you manifest from your Ego it can often lead to chaos and disharmony, yet when you manifest from your Higher Self you are always manifesting experiences that are for your highest good. This is the power of remote influencing.


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