The Ultimate Juice Fast Guide
and Advance Detox Protocol

Juice fasting or juice feasting can be an extremely powerful way of cleansing each of the trillions of cells that make up your entire body. There is no faster and more effective way to eliminate the plethora of toxins that you have accumulated for decades through processed foods, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, pharmaceutical drugs and other environmental contaminants just to name a few.

Before movies like Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead came out and popularized juice fasting for rapid physical healing, rejuvenation, and weight loss, juice fasting has been used to experience higher states of awareness, mental clarity and deep spiritual realizations. No matter what your intent is, juice fasting is guaranteed to produce massive changes in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Remember that your body is the vehicle for your soul in the 3D, and if you desire to experience an enlightened lifestyle then having a healthy body will likely increase your chances of having a life full of peak experiences.

There is plenty of information regarding juice fasting that might seem confusing and overwhelming, at least this was my experience  7 years ago when I began doing research in preparation for my first juice fast. Over the years more and more information has surfaced regarding juice fasting and I have decided to offer you the exact protocol that I use now whenever I embark on a juice feasting journey. This protocol is intended to help you avoid the most common yet serious mistakes people tend to make when doing a juice fast like auto intoxication (headaches, feeling sick, tiredness, skin break outs, poor bowel movements, etc.). With this protocol you will be able to have the BEST juice fasting experience you could ever have whether you are juice fasting for 1 or 3 days or 30 days. Remember to always consult your doctor before attempting to juice fast.

The Juice Fasting Wonder

What makes juicing your food so unique is that it removes the fiber, which allows your body to assimilate nutrients faster and more efficiently. When fiber is removed your body doesn’t have to digest what you “eat” or drink in this case, and instead it will use all the nutrients and energy not only to nourish you but also clean all sorts of toxins stored throughout your body and impacted food waste from your small intestine and colon. It is quite common for the average person to hold pounds of toxic old fecal matter in their intestines! Imagine how would you feel if you released 5 or 10lbs. of toxic old matter that has been stored for years in your intestines, just feeling lighter would be an understatement.

When you go through a proper juice fast you will allow your body to release all the junk that is stored and clogging your intestines. And because you are fasting with fresh pressed juices you will not deprive your body of nutrients nor the necessary calories, as these will all be provided by the juices and supplements you consume throughout the day. These nutrient packed juices and supplements will flood your body with vitamins, minerals and other highly bioavailable nutrients that will accelerate the healing and repairing processes.

What Are the Typical Results From a Juice Fast?

Apart from the most common results, like losing weight for those who are carrying excess weight (fat and impacted fecal matter), looking younger, having radiant and glowing skin, better sleep, clear eyes and a deep detoxification, juice fasting delivers mental, emotional and spiritual benefits like greater clarity of thought, concentration and life changing insights and realizations.

During the first four days of a juice fast the usual challenge is food cravings. For most people it is quite strange to feel nourished without having the feeling of having a “full stomach”; it can even seem like a paradox to be extremely nourished on an empty stomach but this is exactly what happens when you do a juice fast. In fact you are most likely to be more nourished during a juice fast than on your regular diet. After day four it is quite common to experience a profound state of joy, bliss and a high level of energy. You are likely to feel empowered, stronger, lighter and happier when you are juice fasting. Most people are unaware that the toxins that are stored in their cells and throughout their body can make them feel depressed, fatigued and uninspired to go out and live life to the fullest.

The time you spend doing a juice fast is an excellent opportunity to meditate, contemplate and re-evaluate areas of your life in which you want to make changes. Take advantage of your high energy levels and mental clarity to develop a strategic plan to make brilliant changes and fulfill your desired and most brilliant outcomes.

How Much Juice Should I Drink?

The reason I prefer the term juice feasting to juice fast is because fasting is associated with deprivation. During a juice fast you should aim to drink at least 1 gallon of fresh pressed vegetable and fruit juices each day. It is vital that your juices are mainly green juices, made up from mostly green vegetables, leafy greens and some fruit juice. The macronutrients in green juices are about 50% protein and 50% carbohydrate, which will help keep your blood sugar balanced. Therefor it is wise to make vegetables like celery and cucumber the basis of most of your green juices; lemons are a great choice as well. Green apples have lower sugar content so they are a perfect low glycemic fruit to sweeten up your green juices if you cannot tolerate bitter flavors. Having bitter vegetables as the foundation of your juices is key, these vegetables will provide the necessary macronutrients that will allow your body to experience a deep cleanse and rejuvenation. In the case of juice fasting, bitter is better.

To add some variety you can also incorporate fresh coconut water and your favorite herbal teas. I love making horsetail and nettle teas with reishi mushrooms, goji berries, a pinch of sea salt and a vanilla powder. Anytime you feel hungry you should drink at least 8oz of juice. It is extremely important to keep yourself hydrated with water; you need to drink lots of water in addition to your juices. The water will help keep you hydrated and flush out the toxins. As well it is very important to supply enough calories in the form of green juices and fruit juices, this will allow you to juice fast for as long as you intent to. Listen to your body and follow your intuition.

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How Long Should Should I Juice Fast?

This is a personal choice and really depends on what your intent is and what you want to get out of the juice fast. The longer you fast, the deeper the healing will be. If you have never fasted before then it is wise to start out by doing a one to three day juice fast and see how you handle it. If you have never fasted before you have never let your digestive system take a break. Don’t be fooled, just one day of juice fasting can do great things for your body and if you do this once every week or every other week the results will be profound.

After you feel comfortable juicing for three days you can step it up. The first three days of a juice fast are typically the most challenging, especially for beginners who may unknowingly have emotional and physical food addictions. The first time I did a juice fast I went for 7 days and my last juice fast lasted 23 days using the exact same protocol you are reading here. Follow your intuition and if you feel ready to jump in for an extended juice fast of 10 or 21 days just be flexible, if along the way you want to shorten your juice fast that is ok and you should pay tribute for what you have accomplished so far, in no way is this a failure.

The turning point for the majority of people occurs on day four when the food cravings and hunger tend to greatly diminish or disappear completely. On day four and beyond people begin to feel extremely energized and realize they can continue to do this for an extended period of time and reach their goal. Going through a juice fast can be such a powerful accomplishment that it can literally help you raise your self-esteem, self-confidence and the belief that you can do anything you set your mind to.

A week of juice fasting will deliver tremendous benefits for colon cleansing, getting rid of old toxic impacted matter and transitioning to healthier eating habits. People who do extended juice fast have radically changed their life by losing massive amounts of weight, allowing their body to heal itself from serious dis-eases and adopting a new healthier lifestyle.

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Advanced Detox Protocol

This may very well be the most important and crucial part of your juice fast. The proper or improper release of toxins can be the difference between one of the most enlightening and blissful experiences of your life or a terrible nightmare that you want desperately to end.

Even though juice fast in itself will detoxify your body, it is extremely important that you take the necessary precautions to avoid what is known as auto-intoxication. You have probably heard stories from people who have done juice fasting and experienced headaches, skin break outs and felt horribly sick while doing a juice fast. Like Joe Cross in the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead where he did not want to get out of bed because how horrible he felt during his first few days on the juice fast. In most cases the reason for feeling terrible during a juice fast is due the release of various toxins in massive amounts and at a much accelerated rate. However the lymphatic system, which requires stimulation to work properly, and the colon, which can be clogged up, can’t eliminate all these toxins and the body ends up re-absorbing them and causing what is commonly known as auto-intoxication.

There are very effective and simple ways to assist your body to eliminate the massive flux of toxins that come with a juice fast so that you don’t re-absorb them into your system, avoid feeling sick and instead feel the best you have ever felt in your life. The advanced detox protocol will help you have the best juice fast ever and accelerate your body self-healing abilities.

Friendly Bacteria?

Our digestive system is full of bacteria, in fact there are more bacteria in our bodies than there are cells. There are different kinds of bacteria, good and bad. Friendly bacteria or probiotics are 50% of the picture when it comes to nutrition. If you don't have enough friendly bacteria in your gut, you could very well eat the most nutritious foods and supplements available yet absorb only a minimal amount of the nutrients contained within them. In the process of breaking food down to access valuable nutrients, the bacteria also help the body digest various foods, thereby increasing the amount of nutrition that the body can extract from food. Friendly bacteria in the gut also combat bacterial invaders which can cause infection.

It is of vital importance that during the juice fast you replenish your body with friendly bacteria while you detox from candida and other parasites that promote harmful bacteria to take over your gut. One excellent way to massively increase the amounts of friendly bacteria in your gut is to get yourself a fresh coconut, take out it's water and place it in a glass jar. Then simply empty 8-12 capsule of high quality probiotics and mix it with the coconut water. Place a cloth over the glass jar and stir every 8-10 hours. The probiotics will start to eat the sugars contained in the coconut water and continue to create more friendly bacteria. Then after 24 hours drink the fizzy coconut water filled with probiotics.

How To End Your Juice Fast

How you end your juice fast is as important as every other step. If you decide to go back to eating heavy solid foods right away you will shock your body and could actually reverse some of the healing work you have done so far, even get sick. There is a proper way to end your juice fast and that is by re-introducing solid foods slowly and starting with green smoothies and fruits (especially papaya which is amazing for your digestive system). Soaked organic prunes is another great option as your first meal after a juice fast, their laxative effect makes them an ideal food to get your digestive system back to solid foods.

For the first day after your juice fast eat fresh papaya and soaked prunes and continue to drink juice. On the second day continue to eat soaked prunes and add a green smoothie (water, kale or spinach, your favorite sweet fruit), keep it simple. On the third day you can add fruits and veggies like watermelons, cantaloupe and cucumbers and make sure you are still drinking at least 32oz of juice. On the fourth day  begin to add salads with light dressings, you can add some avocados. The key is to take it slow and not go on a binge, as this can really hurt your body. Of course this way of ending a juice fast is intended if you go on a 7 day juice fast or longer. If you only fast for one or three days then there is no need to have 4 days to break your fast, 1 or 2 days is enough.

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