Weekly Juice Fast Shopping List

The following list will supply you with a week worth’s of juices, making at least one gallon of juice a day. You want vegetables and leafy greens primarily in your juices because they contain chlorophyll which is a detoxifier, deodorant, healer of inner wounds and inflammations. When we juice vegetables and leafy greens we are liberating the chlorophyll in its pure form and getting it into our bodies immediately. Chlorophyll’s is centered on magnesium while our blood is centered on iron, making chlorophyll almost identical to our blood, with not much of a difference with hemoglobin.

Green Base Vegetables:

10-12 Cucumbers

6-8 Heads of Celery

12-15 lemons

Root Vegetables:

5-10 lbs. of carrots

10 beets (better if you juice their green leaves as well)


10 Green apples and 5-10 of your favorite apples

6 pears

1 bag of red or green grapes

1-2 pineapples

5 limes

3 honeydews or watermelons or cantaloupe. You can also do one of each to mix it up.

3 Grapefruits

5 oranges

Leafy Greens:

3 bunches of parsley

3 bunches of cilantro

3 heads of kale

2 heads of romaine lettuce

1 head of chard or rainbow chard

1 head of arugula

2 heads of bok choy

1 head Fennel

My favorite green juice recipe:

1 cucumber

1 whole celery

4 kale leaves

1 or 2 green apples

1 organic lemon with peel

1 thumb of ginger

For more juice recipes I recommend The Healthy Green Drink Diet and The Juicing Bible.