Juice Fasting Tips

Tip 1: Drink juices every 2-3 hours to prevent cravings. Remember this is a juice feast and you are not meant to deprive or starve yourself. Consuming one gallon of freshly pressed juices floods your cells with nutrition, while giving your body a break from digesting foods.

Tip 2: Always start each day with a green vegetable based juice. Green juices are known for their alkalizing effects on your body. It is a great idea to alternate a green vegetable juice with a fruit juice throughout the day. Remember the quantity of green juices should be greater than that of fruit juices which contain too much sugar. If you can't tolerate the green juices then drink more fruit juices and just add a bit of green vegetables. The more you drink green juices the more accustomed your body will get to them and eventually you will crave them!

Tip 3: Avoid making one of the biggest and most common mistakes, not drinking enough water. Even though you are drinking great amounts of liquids in the form of juice you will still need water to flush out the toxins your body is releasing. Drink at least 8oz of water between each juice and drink 16oz of water before your first green juice in the morning.

Tip 4: Include these powerful supplements to enhance your nutrition.

Tip 5: Avoid juicing fruits with a lot of pulp like papaya, avocado, mango or bananas as they will slow down your cleansing process.

Tip 6: As long as you continue to eliminate solid waste matter in your bowel movements while you are juice fasting then that is a sign that you have still more impacted matter that can be cleared out of your intestines. Continue to cleanse your intestines through coffee enemas until you are not eliminating any solid waste.

Tip 7: Incorporate the advanced detox protocol every day to avoid auto-intoxication.