Lucid Dreaming Techniques

“If your dream life were a detective story, then dream signs would play the role of the trail of clues leading you to the conclusions of ‘whodunit’.” – Daniel Love

We all have had the experience of dreaming something so bizarre and irrational only to have our mind come up with a seemingly “rational” explanation of why that event is happening that we fail to notice that we are actually dreaming. Dream signs are the unique events and elements that highlight the true nature of the dream world and clearly distinguish them from our “ordinary” or everyday reality. You can think of dream signs as glitches in the matrix. Dream signs can be anything from time distortions, unusual emotions, malfunctioning devices, out of the ordinary consequences, impossible events or changes in environment.

List of Common Dream Signs

1)      A dream scene suddenly shifts

2)      A dream character transforms from one person to another

3)      You can fly

4)      You are trying to run but you are moving extremely slow

5)      Electrical equipment doesn’t work or respond as usual

6)      Being in a place you used to live years ago or in your childhood.

7)      Hanging out with old friends from high school or college, or past co-workers.

The possibilities for dream signs are endless. The key is to find your own personal dream signs that will become evident as they continue to repeat themselves in your dream journal. Perhaps you constantly dream that your teeth are falling out, doors are jammed, you are back in college even though you graduated or you continue to feel a sense of urgency during your dream. Recurrent nightmares, for example of being chased or seeing a tsunami come, can be also dream signs.


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