The World of Lucid Dreaming
Breaking the Wall Between Your

Subconscious and Conscious Mind

Not only do you dream every night, you spend on average two hours in REM (dreaming) sleep. That means that in a year you can spend an entire month dreaming and by the age of 36 humans will have spent an entire year of their lives dreaming! But most of us can even barely remember our dreams let alone control them.

Imagine if you could consciously access and explore without any limitations your dreams and subconscious mind? Lucid dreaming is the ability to become fully conscious while you are in a dream, making the dream experience rich, detailed and extremely vivid. A true lucid dream can actually feel as real as waking life but with a very marked difference: many of the laws or rules of this world are non-existent or can be greatly manipulated just with the power of your intent.

Although in the Western world lucid dreaming has gained popularity over the last few decades lucid dreaming has long been acknowledged for thousands of years in the East, by Tibetan Buddhists and other mystics as an important milestone on the route of enlightenment and the discovery of the ultimate nature of the self.

Lucid dreaming offers you the greatest altered state of awareness you can think of without the use of drugs or years of meditation. Plus in a lucid dream you could ask to experience states like:

Unconditional self-love


Embodying your Higher Self

Integrating your Shadow Self

The purpose of creation

Your soul’s purpose

Absolute certainty and confidence

Absolute gratitude, joy or bliss

Not only can you experience these states while in a lucid dream but you can transfer those feelings into your waking life and even more powerful you can ask your subconscious mind what steps you can take, what things you could do, what you require to let go off or what you must heal within you to embody these states of awareness in your everyday life. When you access your subconscious mind you have access to your Higher Self and this part of you knows what is best for you at any given moment.

The possibilities with lucid dreaming are endless. You can use lucid dreaming to have a blast by flying and exploring the universe, find solutions to life challenges or problems, heal deep emotional wounds, access your deepest creativity, know what is your ideal career, find out how you can become affluent, visit past lifetimes and even the probable futures, create dream characters or form the ultimate master mind group, enhance your immune system, overcome your darkest fears, fulfill fantasies and literally make your dreams come true.

Can I Learn How to Lucid Dream?

Like any skill, lucid dreaming can be learned and mastered by anyone who has a strong commitment, studies the proper techniques and takes massive action. Lucid dreaming has been proven scientifically through years of rigorous scientific research and has been documented extensively by Dr. Stephen Laberge at the Stanford University and other researchers around the globe. There are plenty of great lucid dreaming books out there but in my opinion Rebecca Turner has done a phenomenal job in combining her 15 years of experience plus the best lucid dreaming tips, protocols and resources from the leading authorities in lucid dreaming in her Fast Track Ultimate Guide To Lucid Dreaming.

How Do I Lucid Dream?

In order to start lucid dreaming you must learn and practice the bare essentials. These simple and powerful techniques will program your conscious and subconscious mind to begin exploring the world of lucid dreaming and with enough persistence, master it.

Below are the steps you must take for guaranteed success in the journey of lucid dreaming:

1)    Keeping a dream journal

2)    Recognizing dream signs

3)    Practicing proven reality checks

4)    Performing lucid dream induction techniques

5)    Stabilize and prolong lucid dreams


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