Manifest Unlimited Abundance
Cultivate Wealth Consciousness and
Clear Abundance Blocks

It is quite common to see spiritually oriented people struggle with an inner conflict when it comes to manifesting financial abundance. On one hand they desire to become affluent and enjoy financial wealth yet on the other hand they subconsciously feel they don’t deserve such abundance. This can spawn from feelings of unworthiness, subconscious fears or the belief they haven’t done “enough” to deserve it.

Despite resonating, understanding and practicing the Law of Attraction, people galore can’t seem to break through the abundance threshold that prevents them from getting to the next level of financial wealth they so much desire. It doesn’t matter how many affirmations they say, how many times they write their goals nor how much they visualize themselves living an affluent lifestyle, the reality is that deep down inside they feel they don’t deserve it.

The Law of Deservedness states that you can only get what you subconsciously feel you deserve and nothing more. If you do manifest more than what you subconsciously feel you deserve you will sabotage it, push it away or simply be unable to enjoy it. Abundance comes from within and whatever you believe about yourself at a deep level you will project this onto your holographic reality. If you believe you are a millionaire, you will eventually manifest that. You can’t expect abundance if you don’t act like you already have it.

The Law of Attraction and the Law of Deservedness must work in sync in order to create a vibrational harmonization that will attract you to the people, places, times, things and events that resonate with abundance. When someone is not flowing in this state of abundance vibrational harmonization then this signals there are unseen or unconscious energetic blockages. Christie Marie Sheldon has identified 24 Abundance Blocks that keep people in a frequency fence of lack, limitation and scarcity. Energetic blockages like doubt, fears, blame, unworthiness, self-sabotage and even familial entanglements will cancel out any manifestation technique done by the individual.

Unless these energetic blockages are cleared from your field of awareness you will be unable to access your Higher Self’s wisdom, guidance and intuition that will lead you to create an affluent lifestyle. You cannot take inspired action if you fear change or success. So even though you might receive a million dollar idea, you won’t act upon it because deep down you think and feel you are not good enough, you don’t have the resources and will probably fail. This is exactly how these sabotaging energy dynamics keep you stuck. Fortunately these Abundance Blocks can be cleared for good!

What Does Abundance Have to Do With Enlightenment?

Worrying about paying bills or not knowing where the next job is coming from can have a corrosive effect on your life. People who are in a constant state of fear and survival mode are operating from their deep limbic system (back part of their brains) and an overactive amygdala resulting in increased stress, anxiety and feelings of overwhelm. This is what causes the fight and flight reactions that prevent people from embodying a state of peace, relaxation and equanimity. Creativity and success thrive when we are operating from the pre-frontal cortex (front part of our brains) allowing us to make smarter and thoughtful decisions, avoid being impulsive and reacting all the time, have greater concentration and focus, plus being more organized.

In simple words, if you are in a constant state of fear, worry and survival due to financial struggles there is no way you can focus on living an enlightened lifestyle nor experiencing those peak experiences that can only occur in the present moment. Fear and worry can only happen in a non-existent future. Enlightenment can only happen in the now.

Poverty Consciousness Vs. Wealth Consciousness

People either have poverty consciousness or wealth consciousness. A person with poverty consciousness is in a constant state of lack and thinks they never have enough. In 2010 researchers at Vanderbilt University, the University of Kentucky and the University of Pittsburgh published a study showing that people who won sizable lottery prizes (between $50,000 and $150,000) were more likely to go bankrupt after 5 years than those who won more modest prizes of $10,000 or less.

The main reason for this is phenomenon is because the winners do not posses the wealth consciousness necessary to invest wisely and make even more money. Instead the underlying poverty consciousness and the subconscious thought "I don't have enough" drives them to over spend and mismanage their money. A very similar scenario can be seen with NBA players where statistics show that more than half of all the players end up going bankrupt.

On the other hand, a person with wealth consciousness can lose everything and go bankrupt with a business and in a year they are thriving once again with another business.For this reason it is extremely important to cultivate your wealth consciousness and clear the abundance blocks before manifesting financial abundance, otherwise you might end up losing it all.

Tips to Raise Your Wealth Consciousness

Gratitude- Practice gratitude every day. Don’t just say you are grateful, feel it! Studies have shown that people who constantly express and embody a state of gratitude can increase their happiness by 25%. You don’t have to spend a single dime, just be grateful and you will increase your happiness bank account. Make a list about at least 12 things you are grateful for, it could be anything (health, family, friends, the fact that you are alive, money you already have, food, shelter, etc.) Read this list every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed. This will have a ripple effect on your entire day and even as you dream at night.

Be congruent- Abundance is an inner state that is reflected onto your outer reality. If you have an incongruent belief like “money is bad” then this will not be congruent with manifesting financial abundance. Money is simply a piece of paper that we use to exchange goods. Like everything else in the universe, money is made out of consciousness and that means that money is as “spiritual” as your soul.

Incongruencies can also manifest in your actions and choices. Let’s say that you have no problem spending $1,500 on a new plasma TV or $400 in the latest smartphone, yet when it comes to personal growth you experience resistance when signing up for a training or coaching program that costs only a few hundred dollars. What these actions and choices are telling the universe is that you have a higher priority for entertainment than for self-growth. There is nothing wrong with this, yet the universe will continue to reflect back to you what you focus on. Make a list of your top life values, prioritize them and then make choices that reflect those priorities. You can figure out what your top values are by noticing what do you spend most of your time doing.

Entitlements- People who feel entitled are stuck in the “you owe me” frequency. Release any feelings of entitlement that identifies you with the thought that God, the government, your family or someone else “owes you something”. See if there is anything you “owe yourself”, like giving yourself the love, approval and appreciation you seek instead of trying to get these things from other people.

Celebrate Wealth- A sign of poverty consciousness can be seen when someone identifies with feelings of jealousy towards rich people. We must remember that this is a collective imprint in society that has been implanted mainly by certain religions and governments to keep people poor (easier to control and manipulate). If you notice thoughts of envy towards affluent people, take this as an invitation to inquire your thoughts and shift your perspective.

Learn to Give- Living with a scarcity mindset can prevent us from giving and sharing that which we already have. Instead thinking we don't have enough, we tend to hold on and be extremely frugal with our money and possessions. There is always something we can share and gift to others, it doesn't even have to be something material. Remember that the universe will always reflect back to you the frequency you are predominantly emanating. 

One of my favorite things to do when I'm walking through the streets or driving around my car is constantly send blessings of love, joy, health, evolution and wealth to everyone I see.

Learn to Receive- People with wealth consciousness are excellent receivers, they feel worthy of receiving. Avoid getting into the habit of giving, giving, giving and not receiving. Keep the flow of giving and receiving in balance, this is true abundance.

Read Books on Abundance- Sometimes the right book will help us shift our mindset and create a new frame of higher frequency beliefs that are aligned with manifesting unlimited abundance. We can also learn from others who have gone through the same struggles we have and model what they did to experience a breakthrough and manifest abundance. Reading a different perspective or approach when it comes to abundance and manifesting wealth can open our minds to new possibilities and opportunities.

Clear Abundance Blocks- If you have tried “everything” yet you can’t manifest unlimited abundance then you require to clear the source of subconscious fears, doubts, feelings of unworthiness, poverty consciousness and other abundance blocks. This step will raise your frequency and catapult you into the affluent lifestyle you deserve. Manifesting abundance means having greater access to quality food, better health care, higher education and living on safer neighborhoods. Wealth can also provide a better enjoyment of life by allowing you to travel, practice your favorite hobbies and spend more time with your family. If you believe money can't buy happiness then you are not spending it right. Material things do not bring happiness, experiences do.

Another great benefit from manifesting unlimited abundance is having access to the tools and resources that will enable you to write a book, set up a website, facilitate workshops, create programs and/or offer your coaching services in order to help other people. Let’s be honest, in this day and age especially in the Western world, money is required to create, launch and market the venues that will deliver your message to the world. The reality is that you can have the most powerful healing technique in the world or the greatest self-help book ever written, yet if no one can find you and no one knows who you are then you won’t be able to help as many people as you would like to.


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