Chaga and Reishi
The Top Medicinal Mushrooms

Tree mushrooms exist in the karma-free zone of the world. They don’t kill anything, they recycle and they make dead material prepared for living materials. Research has shown that mushrooms have neurotransmitters, much like those in our brains. Among the plethora of medicinal mushrooms, two mushrooms stand out Chaga and Reishi.

Chaga is the king of the mushrooms according to Siberian shammans and it contains a very high concentration of betulinic acid, the highest antioxidant food substance in its ecosystem. The Chaga mushroom grows mainly on birch trees and actually becomes a symbiotic organism with the tree, becoming part of the tree and its root system.  Because Chaga grows on living trees this makes it an extremely rare mushroom, it actually grows years inside the tree before it begins to show itself.  Chaga provides super immunity, super energy and has a phenomenal vanilla flavor and maple texture when you make a tea out of it. Plus you can consume Chaga in large quantities with no side effects whatsoever. You can learn more about Chaga from David Wolfe’s book on The King of Mushrooms.

Benefits of Chaga

Rich in protein.

Excellent for eye and lung health.

Numerous Phytonutrient Nutrient Compounds

Ergo sterol (a Vitamin D2 precursor)

Complex immune activating compounds, especially a high concentration of melanin

Many forms of Beta Glucans (Complex sugars called Polysaccharides)

Saponins, Sterols, Triterpenes, Betulinic Acid, SOD (superoxide dismutase)

Contains Amino Acid Complexes (proteins) and other trace minerals

Melanin, a DNA protector beneficial to maintaining healthy skin

Extremely high antioxidant values measured by ORAC, HORAC and SORAC scales

Compounds shown to support human Natural Killer (NK) Cell activity

Reishi mushrooms like old hard wood trees like oak and plum trees, from which the mushrooms concentrates all the minerals and releases them to the atmosphere through its spores. Unlike other mushrooms, the Reishi mushroom dies back every year. The mycelium of the Reishi is inside the dead tree and every year it puts out fruits, those fruits rot and then the next year they’ll grow out again. What we think is the Reishi mushrooms is actually the reproductive organ of the mushroom, the actual mushroom is a white fungus that is growing inside the tree.

Benefits of Reishi

It’s a brain food which can help improve memory.

Because Reishi is at the top of the fungus kingcdom (it is a noble mushroom) it can actually kill candida because it fights lower fungus.

Supports kidney health.

Immune system support. It helps to boost your body’s own intelligence and self-healing properties.

Cardiovascular support.

Radiation damage protection.

Anti-viral benefits.

Helps regulate blood sugar. Keeping blood sugar balanced helps to avoid many of the problems brought about by diabetes, such as hypertension, high blood pressure, ulcers, strokes, and impotence. In this way reishi mushrooms help to control and combat diabetes and improve the general health of the person eating them.