Low Pre-Frontal Cortex Activity
and ADD Symptoms Checklist

Do you:

Like scary movies?

Engage in high risk activities like extreme sports or motorcycle riding?

Tend to seek conflict in relationships?

Over focus on a problem when you are upset?

Get distracted easily? (If a little mosquito or bug flies by, do you freak out?)

Get irritated when your clothes do not feel right?

Have difficulty having an orgasm?

Tend to be 10 minutes late to everything?

Self-medicate with caffeine or nicotine?

Have piles of papers on your desk?

Say things before thinking of the consequences?

Wait until the last minute to get things done?

Have trouble saving for retirement and paying your taxes on time?

Have a crisis management approach to life?

Perform worse the harder you try?

Have poor judgment?

Have trouble learning from mistakes?

Tend to be impulsive and have dug yourself a hole with these activities? 

(Affairs, massive spending sprees, tantrums, fights, car wrecks, etc.)

If you answered yes to 10 or more of these questions then it is likely you have low activity in your pre-frontal cortex (PFC).  There are natural and simple ways you can balance your PFC.

Meditation also can help balance the PFC, yet it would appear that you require a person to be in Theta or Delta state for healing to occur yet with ADD, these people are ALREADY in theta and/or delta most of the time (daydreaming, etc.) so we require to activate more Beta.  Gamma waves (40 hz) trigger high-powered, high performance brain states ideal for quick thinking and deep concentration.