Raise Your Frequency
Live From the Heart Chakra
and Above

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." -Nikola Tesla

Everyone has a certain frequency (the vibratory oscillation rate of the atomic and sub-atomic particles in your field) which ranges between 50-150 Ghz. Frequency is extremely important because of the Law of Resonance which states that depending on the frequency you have you will resonate with people, places, times, things and events that have similar frequency if not identical frequency.

Your thoughts are only one factor that contribute to the frequency your vibrate and resonate with. The way you feel at any given moment, your subconscious beliefs, your emotional pain body, energetic blockages and even your physical health will have a direct impact on your frequency and attract you to people, places, times, things and events that resonate with that particular frequency.

For example, two people do not get together and stay together unless they have the same or very similar frequency. Your frequency therefore becomes the impetus that attracts you to a specific relationship. Think about it, have you ever met someone who made the decision to bring closure to a relationship because of betrayal or abuse, and then got into a new relationship only to end up re-creating the same experiences? This is because they haven't changed or raised their frequency thus they remain stuck in a karmic loop where the same thing keeps happening over and over again.

Your frequency not only determines what type of events and people you attract but also the ones you repel. No matter how much you want to manifest your soulmate, unlimited financial abundance or any other desirable experience, if your frequency does not resonate with that it will simply not come to fruition.

When you clear energetic blockages and raise your frequency at the quantum level of your awareness you instantly  begin to attract a more harmonious grid of people, places, times, things and events. This includes soulmates, business contracts or opportunities and other desirable life experiences.

The Vibration of Your Chakras

The first 3 chakras correspond to our Ego consciousness and are the seat of the physical, emotional and mental bodies. When we are operating mainly from our lower chakras we have limited access to our Higher Self awareness where our intuition, compassion and higher giving love reside.

Instead by constantly energizing and identifying with lower frequency emotions like shame, guilt, anxiety, sadness and fear we remain stuck in our lower chakras and trapped in the limited Ego consciousness. This is what leads to a life of dissatisfaction where humans try hopelessly to fill a void with material possessions, power acquisition and trying to control other people. Living with these vibrations naturally creates a lot of drama and unnecessary pain.

Cristie Marie Sheldon, the creator of Love or Above, has done a phenomenal service to humanity by teaching people how to live from their higher chakras.  A person who can access the frequencies and vibrations from their heart chakra can embody states such as unconditional self-love and compassion. As one progresses and taps into the higher chakras, one can begin to resonate and enjoy frequencies such as peace, bliss, joy and enlightenment.

Going form an Ego based consciousness and embodying your Higher Self is the key to manifest all that is for your highest good and in alignment with your ultimate potential. Unless you raise your frequency and radically change the vibratory oscillation of the particles that make up your auric field all your attempts to manifest what you desire will be futile. This is the reason why affirmations rarely work and why people who only focus on shifting their thoughts in hopes to align with the Law of Attraction see limited and non lasting results.

Imagine raising your energetic vibrations at such a high level that you literally transform into a magnet that attracts success, love, joy, health and abundance. This can only occur by embarking in a total life shift that fully engages your heart and spirit, allowing you to surrender to your Higher Self and enter a harmoniously life flow like never before.

Benefits of Living
From The Heart Chakra and Above

Expanded awareness that allows you to see previously hidden possibilities

Tap into your intuition and receive clear guidance from your Infinite Self

Make the best decisions for your highest good.

Manifest healthy, functional and higher giving love relationships

Let go of self-sabotaging habits and destructive patterns

Tune in to higher frequency thoughts and rise above fear, worry and lack.

Activate your wealth consciousness and manifest unlimited financial abundance.

Embody a state of emotional, mental and spiritual mastery.

Rise above discordant and negative energies from other people.


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