Enlightened Superfood Nutrition
Build a Stress Defense Shield

Advanced superfood nutrition can not only help you achieve your ideal weight, keep you looking young, raise your libido, balance your hormones, be energized throughout the day and build up your immune system, it can also greatly determine how you experience reality, cope with stress and whether you react automatically or make thoughtful and conscious decisions at any given moment. Plus superfood nutrition can help you get the right balance of brain chemicals so you can enjoy being centered, focused, calm and even experience higher states of awareness.

Nutrition can have a massive effect on how you feel at any given moment and a well-balanced nutrition can definitely contribute to living an enlightened lifestyle. One of the ultimate benefits of nutrition is the impact it has on your brain. The chemistry within your brain can significantly influence how you feel at any given moment. A simple shift in the production of neurotransmitters like:

1) Dopamine – can help you feel more confident, have a positive outlook in life and increase your will power to go out into the world and take action.

2) Oxytocin – high levels can help you create strong relationships and contribute to social bonding. It also facilitates increased trust, better mood, relaxation, peace and feeling safe.

3) Serotonin – modulates mood, emotions, sleep and appetite

A healthy and balanced brain can determine how you experience life and cope with stress. If you are feeling stressed, anxious and wiped out you will have a hard time being present in the now which is the key to experiencing enlightened moments in your life. In my Raw Certification with David Wolfe and the Body Mind Institute I learned how through nutrition you can build up what is known as the Stress Defense Shield which gives your mind and body the ability to disconnect your immune system from the stress of the world.

Your brain is responsible for decoding reality and translating everything that is being perceived by your 5 senses and higher senses  into images, emotions and thoughts. Your brain also regulates your entire physiology like heart rate and breathing patterns. Stress begins in your brain and we can build up our Stress Defense Shield so we can avoid the negative side effects of stress by the proper production of:




Whole live foods and superfoods play an enormous role in keeping the stress levels away from our body because they are such rich sources of essential amino acids and protein. From protein we can create the neurotransmitters, the phenylethylamines, the noradrenaline, the adrenaline, the dopamine and serotonin. We need to have enough tryptophan and phenylethylamines in our diet to create the required noradrenaline and adrenaline compounds that will allow us to have a strong Stress Defense Shield.

Below is a list of the top superfoods that help build up the a strong stress defense shield:

Raw Cacao



Hemp seeds

Goji berries

Medicinal mushrooms

Marine phytoplankton



Blue Green Algae

Bee pollen

Royal jelly

You can further enhance your Stress Defense Shield by increasing your exposure to the Sun, grounding yourself by walking barefoot and having regular and restful sleep cycles. Sleep problems such as insomnia are ubiquitous in our society and can have a detrimental effect on your health. Tryptophan is a precursor for 5HTP which is a precursor for Serotonin which in turn is a precursor for the hormone Melatonin. When you have balanced levels of 5HTP, Serotonin and Melatonin you can be sure you will have a good night sleep.

Tryptophan --> 5HTP --> Serotonin -->

N-Acetyl Serotonin --> Melatonin

Through advanced superfood nutrition not only can you build up your Stress Defense Shield, you can balance your hormones, strengthen your immune system, fight adrenal fatigue, have greater focus and optimal brain function, increase your libido, detoxify and improve your overall level of well-being and happiness.

The best way to consume superfoods is by blending them into delicious and creamy smoothies using a high speed blender.

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