Enlightened Time Management
How To Get The Most
Out of Your Precious Time

The million dollar question when it comes to deciding if time management is something you would benefit from is: “Do you feel overwhelmed by the things you need to do?” If you believe there is not enough time to do everything you need to do, then chances are that you are not planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time you spend on the activities that will yield the most results for your desire outcome. By using specific time management skills, tools and techniques you can manage your time to increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivity when you are accomplishing specific tasks, projects and goals that have a dateline.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a CEO of a large corporation or an employee the art of time management can help you not only get more things done in a lesser amount of time but it can also help you decide what you should really be working on, what to delegate and what to tasks are not even worth spending time and effort doing. As a direct result you will not only become more productive and efficient in your work but you will have more time to spend doing things you love (family, hobbies), you will be more relaxed and you will probably make a lot more money.

One of the reasons people are stressed out about work is that they don’t plan ahead, they don’t set goals, they don’t prioritize what needs to be done, they don’t schedule when it needs to be done nor they organize how they will do it. No wonder why they go home after work and they keep thinking about work even when they are having dinner, having a conversation with their spouse and even while they are in bed about to go to sleep. Time management allows you to get the most out of your work and prevent your work getting the most out of you.

Let’s use an example of how someone would use a few time management techniques. Before a person leaves work they will make a list of the things they require to do for the next day or write a goal with a specific dateline for a project. Then they will prioritize that list and organize the things they need to do in terms of priority. After the list is complete the person will then schedule a time frame for each task and even schedule time for distractions like phone calls, meetings or unexpected visits. Once the person has made a list, prioritized the list and scheduled it, now he can organize his desk to leave only the things he will use tomorrow to accomplish his goals for that day.

Even though this might seem simple it will allow the person to monitor his progress and change his approach if necessary. The mere fact that this person has set written goals means that now he has a visible target and like the number 1 expert of time management Brian Tracy says “You can’t hit a target if you don’t see it.” By following these simple steps a person can be more successful at his work and when time comes to spend time with family, friends or other non-work related activities he can be more present because he is not thinking about work (he has a written plan, steps to follow and a clear goal).

Simply put when you implement proper time management techniques, tools and resources you can shift from working based on urgency to working in favor of importance. People who work based on urgency are often in reaction mode, causing them to be in a state of fight and flight, feeling stressed out and thinking they don’t have enough time to do it “all”. Time management is the secret for you to get more done, faster and easier.

Time management is an art, more accurately a science that contains a specific protocol to deliver specific repeatable results. The example I have just mentioned above is just the tip of the iceberg of what time management truly is. For example there is a psychological aspect to time management that is used to determine what are your “bad time habits”, like how you procrastinate and how you can recover from this. Plus there are advanced systems, methods and techniques that literally have taken whole books to cover and explain.

When I first learned about time management I was fortunate enough to study from the number 1 expert on time management in the world Briant Tracy. When I read his books Goals! and Million Dollar Habits the way I thought about and approached my work completely changed and as result I began making more money, have more free time, feel more relaxed and got more things done in less time. If you are not a huge fan of reading so many books one thing you will love about Brain Tracy is that many of his books are in CD’s and DVD’s through programs like Time Power Package.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed, stress out and thinking there is never enough time, then your life and overall well-being will benefit from implementing the time proven skills, tools, techniques and resources of time management. This will help you live a more enlightened lifestyle and as a bonus you will at least double your income.

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